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The WhatsApp API is a fast, secure, and reliable way for businesses to reach their customers all over the world. Generate higher and faster sales with WhatsApp API.

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Use Everyone’s Favorite App Around The World For Creating A World-Class Customer Experience​

WhatsApp API Service Provider

Inbox Telecommunications is the official partner of WhatsApp API that helps you drive real-time communications and convert on-lookers to customers. With Inbox Telecommunications WhatsApp Business API create customer experiences that helps you build a loyal following and encourage people to come back to you again and again. Choose WhatsApp to drive conversations that convert and boost your sales like never before. With over 2 billion worldwide users, WhatsApp is the most popular app for elevating business to next level.

From building funnels to decision-making customers, create more conversions with WhatsApp.
Send Creative Notifications
  • Generate One-time campaigns that are great for promoting a new product or service or create recurring campaigns for keeping your customers engaged on an ongoing basis.
  • Create unique messaging campaigns that include photos, videos, PDFs and links and send them to customers. The WhatsApp API allows for CTAs such as quick replies, clickable links, claim offers, with a single tap.
  • Customize messages with enterprise-specific branding.
  • Furthermore, send your customers a targeted message whenever they were ready to buy from you!

Get Your Business Growing Faster With The Power Of WhatsApp API

Reach Any Geography

Deliver messages and support in multiple languages with template support.

User Safety And Concerns

Provide full control to the user by allowing him to Opt-in after a particular event.

Easy Onboarding

We provide faster onboarding and more secure transactions, giving your transactions a boost with seamless customer service support.

Track Real-Time Insights

Gain access to your campaign’s status and its return on investment which will help you to plan out your next campaign effectively.

Interactive Message Templates

WhatsApp Business currently offers two types of interactive message templates, with predefined ‘Call-to-action’ buttons and ‘Quick reply options’. It provides an opportunity to track responses and react accordingly.

Monitor Analytics

Get a holistic measure of how a user feels when interacting with your business via analysing top user queries and drop-off rates. Get help to serve them better with relevant answers at the right time.

Exceed Customer Expectations With Verified WhatsApp API
  • Engage in two-way real-time interactions with customers and increase customer retention.
  • WhatsApp API provides live chatting experience to your customers and solves the queries on the fly.
  • Don’t miss any leads with round-the-clock availability.
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