Click 2 Call

Click to Call, is also called click-for-talk and click to dial in the cloud communication industry.

Get Started
Click to call or click to dial or click to talk or request to call.

Click to Call is a direct way of digital communication in real time between a website visitor (person who clicked) and support executive, without actually a physical number dialing. Click to call is performed using API integration and it is triggered every time a visitor clicks on Button/Widget/Link. This is the easiest and convient way to connect with to be customers.

Click to Call Into App

A Click to dial solution can also be integrated into your application, allowing your agents to quickly dial out with a simple click. Customers can call your business executive with a single click on the assigned number in the app.


You can make a call to support executive with just a single click. It makes convenient for customers and free from dialing numbers.


You can set up a button on a web page to send queries direct to support executives in text form. Contact through email is an old process.


You can setup Inbox Telecommunications API on a web page as a Request to Call. You can get details of visitors in an easy way which can be considered for followups.