How does inbox telecommunications support the FMCG Industry?

We are offering a new method of business communication technology that sends your message straight to your clients via SMS, email, WhatsApp, and voice call....

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Customer Security

Enhance customer security after investing in your fast-moving consumer goods, make use of OTP that will be sent by our SMS service used for authentication and confirmation.

Exciting Offers and Deals

In a world full of complimentary rewards, offer all your regular consumers the best cross-sale deals that will change their buying behavior positively and helps your business to grow.

Shoot Promotional Message

For increasing the productivity of your FMCG business, invite all your clients with some Promotional offers that will excite them and helps you to increase the sale through engagement to customers.

Avail Link Facility

Our short link facility helps you to grow your business growth. In this, we will provide an SMS service that consists of customizing links of your FMCG business that will be used to increase interactive communication with your customers and gives them information through SMS as well.

Increase Productivity

Boost up the productivity of your FMCG business through our voice-assisted message service. Get in touch with clients by simply recording a voice message that will create a bond and helps you to grow sales.

Easy Interaction

To increase the productivity of your FMCG store, you must try out a voice call facility. This service helps you to integrate your calls with your regular and old consumers easily.

Personal Touch

With our voice call message service, you can also create a personal bond with your consumers in order to get leads from them. You can also customize the message for your FMCG store that can have a personal touch for easy interaction.

Optimize FMCG Business

With changing communication way, our voice-assisted call /message service is better for optimization and increase sales for your FMCG Corporation.

Enhance business growth

WhatsApp is highly used for interaction, and a business-like FMCG, it's one of the leading platforms. You can use this service for all your consumers to enhance your business growth.

One-click facility

By messaging on WhatsApp, you can reach up to your correct audience in a few clicks. You can also customize the message that will trigger the consumer's buying behaviour and grow your network of business.

Promotional Deals

All kinds of promotional messages offer and deals you can now send through our service of WhatsApp messenger. You can also customize it and we can send it to you in real-time.

Single Click Link Support

Get back in touch with your consumers with our service. This service provides single-click link support so that consumers can click on the link and will get direct information about your FMCG business.