SMS for Business Messaging

You may programmatically send and track SMS messages with Inbox Telecommunications Bulk SMS. With SMS, which is quick, dependable, and effective and sends over 50 Million SMS in a Year, you can shape the future of communication. You can get the lowest prices and the best delivery rates in India.

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With the cutting-edge business solutions offered by Inbox Telecommunications, SMS integration for businesses is straightforward while providing top-notch messaging. With the help of the SMS platform from Inbox Telecommunications, businesses can effortlessly link with Business APIs and use SMS as a channel for reaching out to their target demographic.

With our many services, including two-way messaging, worldwide connectivity, and OTP solutions, you can maintain your contact list while also keeping track of response rates, audience reach, and the evolution of your efforts to strengthen ties between your company and customers.

Types of SMS

PROMOTIONAL SMS: Promotional SMS are sent with the objective of promoting your product and service. These are basically used for Advertisements, Marketing, to target your sales, offers, coupons etc. Promotional SMS can be sent only on NON-DND numbers from 9AM to 9PM.

Send data-driven yet non-critical SMS to a huge number of recipients, with our promotional SMS services, for better client engagement and attainment! Further, you can also offer your customers some insights on the brand-new product range that you are going to launch during the upcoming weeks.

Transactional text messages are also known as informative SMS. These messages are generally meant for sending important information such as alerts, notification, and information to the registered customers.


Provide the news of different service excellence to your customers by sending quintessential updates and alerts about your offerings. Moreover, with ourtransactional SMS services, you can also provide a confirmation text to your customers after they have successfully bought one of your offerings.


Convey the login credentials or a one-time password to the user with the coveted fall-back mechanism through anSMS. It, in turn, will aid your clients in logging into their accounts proficiently while keeping their ID details secretive and away from the prying eyes.


On-time Delivery

Clients will quickly check the delivery of the message in real-time with a scalable platform.

SLA Management

Offer to manage entirely services and solutions provided for clients with measured and alignment.

Secured SMS

Multiple secured messaged delivery options that contain the secure connection to the client's services.

Smart URL

We offer an intelligent URL received as part of a text message, URL received, preceded by HTTP/HTML.


The API integration supported to connect using HTTP/HTML and integrate your business our APIs that cater to many businesses' use cases.

Text language editor

We offer you the text language editor to implement the custom messages and edit them with updated data.

Custom SMS

Support customized messages; it will give you the freedom to explain your business details.

Best Connections

Our updated software APIs ensure rapid delivery and reliability using multiple backup routes.