2Way Messaging

Two-way quotes can be contrasted with one-way quotes, which provide only the bid side or the ask side.

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2Way Messaging

Companies usually focus on marketing their product-related information to potential customers through text messages, which are either accepted or rejected. They also notify users with reminders and warnings – especially those individuals who have already expressed an interest in receiving these texts and have opt-in for same. While one-way texting may suffice if the text’s purpose is to pass on information, companies, on the other hand, ought to be ready and able to receive responses if they want to communicate and engage with their target customers. This is where 2-way messaging that comes into play.

Key Benefits

Immediate Communication

Texts are generally delivered in moments, allowing enterprises to send time-sensitive SMS-es. Additionally, SMS reaction rates are much higher and greater than those of emails. Customers make purchases quickly and more directly when interactions are faster and more explicit. It also stimulates prompt responses to other types of advertisement, such as questionnaire

User Friendly

The two-way SMS provider will trigger a simple APIs for you to send, retrieve, and track texts. They’re simple to combine with third-party tools and programmes, and they are extremely easy to use. With inbox's telecommunications unique 2-way SMS solutions, you can ensure instant delivery and global reach at the same time!

High Conversion

Because texts are brief and simple, engagement levels for call-to-action SMS-es are excellent. Furthermore, it helps enterprises to gain useful information by employing 2-way SMS and encouraging customers to engage in polls.


SMS is the most ubiquitous service, texts can be sent and received on even the most basic cell devices. SMS is a very accessible and affordable method for companies to communicate with their customers.


The sender-ID is a unique code that you need to send SMS messages to a particular recipient.

Receive and Reply to Messages

Our 2-way text messaging service makes it easy to strike up a conversation. Every plan comes with unlimited contacts, and all incoming SMS messages are free!

Keep Your Team Informed

Stay organized and provide a better customer experience, thanks to the Inbox’s private notes feature.

Stay on Top of Conversations

Chat with multiple customers at once, and don’t let anyone fall through the cracks. Our 2-way messaging features are designed to improve your messaging workflows.

Send Photos, Documents, and More

Whether you need to share a sales one-pager, ZIP file, or a single photo, you can easily upload it and text it via our 2-way messaging service.