How does Inbox Telecommunications support the Retails Industry?

bulk SMS texts can be a great way to delight shoppers and improve footfall by sending personalized offers, flyers, coupons, and surveys. Here are some tips for using bulk SMS texts to enhance the shopping experience.

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Customer Security

When payments are involved, security is the main concern. So, for making secure payment for all your retail shopping make use of our services. In this, you will get a one-time password (OTP) from our SMS service after the transaction is done.

Cross Sale Benefits

Increase sale by informing your audience about various cross-sale benefits, and offers service. With this you can encourage them to buy supplementary goods with discounts and get higher reach.

Send Promo Offers

With our service of SMS, you can provide promotional offers, discounts information about your retail business to your customers’ mobile phones. This will aid increase in overall productivity.

Short Link Support

Customize the short link as per your business and we will provide the link through our SMS service. This will get an increase in sales and leads in your retail business.

Boost Productivity

Make use of customizing Voice recording messages to reach up to different clients and inform them about your offer or deals. This will boost your retail business productivity upward and onward.

Integration of Calls

Provide offers, information through voice-assisted calls for your business. You can integrate voice calls with your regular customers to let them know about new offers and deals of your retail business.

Make It Personal

Develop a personal bond with consumers through voice-assisted messages for increasing sales. You can also customize the message as per your need to make it a more personal bond with your regular clients.

Optimise Management

Optimize management for making consumers satisfied and the growth of business. Do not forget to optimize your retailing that will lead to improved productivity as well as an increase in sales.

Enhance Security

WhatsApp service is a new way of communication with your customers about payments and transactions. Get confirmation and protect your account within seconds after the transaction is done on WhatsApp.

Sale to the Perfect Audience

Communicate with your audience by sending customize WhatsApp message/auto-responders messages and let them know about your retail marketing deals and offers.

Promotional Message

A promotional message is a way to increase your audience and grows your business. Promote your retail business by sending promo offers and exciting deals across.

Quick Link Support

WhatsApp Quick link to clients for easy interaction. You can send a short link to your site that will lead customers directly to your site in a single touch through WhatsApp providing service.